Paddy | what is rice?

what is paddy?

Paddy is also called rice paddy. Rice paddy cultivation, flooded fields, small large scale farms, used to be in South and East Asia.  A small portion of the land was cultivated using it, which then feeds most of the rural population.  Wet-rice farming is the most prevalent method of farming in the Far East.

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Rice production in India

Rice is a staple food crop in India.  India is the second-largest rice producer in the world.

Paddy varieties in India

1-Earlier Varieties of paddy-

Kaveri, Hair, Govinda, Nagina-22

2-Water breed variety--

Saket, IR-24

3-Most water variety-

Madhukar, chakiya -59, cross -116, etc.

Best paddy variety for rice-

* IRB- It is Released from IARI in 1966, it is made from Indonesia variety and DGO gene.

* Jaya-- It is the first dwarf of India's India.

* Jaganath - This is the first Mutant variety of Paddy.

*Saket-4 - It has been released for Uttar Pradesh. 

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Paddy Disease, casual agent and his control-

1. Blast disease of paddy-

It is by a fungus called paricularia Oryzi. for this control use Resistance variety IR-8, IR-20, etc.

2.Brown leaf spot of paddy--Due to this in1943 Had Bengal had famine. that's known as Famine of Bengal. It is by a fungus called Helmatno Sporium Oryza. Resistance variety is IR-24.

3. Ealse smut of paddy-- It is by a fungus called Clebispise Oryza. Its impact is in the state of the flower.

4. Sheath Blight- Nitrogen in the farm is due to the excess.

Paddy insects who are very harmful to paddy rice crops. for more details read here.

Frequently asked questions F&Q

Q. 1 What is Botanical name of paddy?
Ans.  Oryza sativa.

Q. 2 What is the Family of paddy?

Ans.  Poaceae(Graminae)

Q. How many Chromosome number in paddy?

Ans.   24.

Q.4 What is the Origen place of paddy?

Ans.  Indoverma (southeast Asia).

Q. 5 How much does the paddy average production?

Ans.      The yield of paddy Dwarf variety- 40-60 Q/H and Deshi- 25-30 Q/H.

Q.6 Which is the first mutant variety of paddy?

Ans. Jagannath is the first mutant variety of paddy.

Q.7 What is golden rice rich in?

Ans.  β- carotene.

Q.8 What type of plant is rice?

Ans. Self-pollinated and short-day plant.

Q.9 "Jaya variety " of paddy was developed by?

Ans. Dr. Shastri

Q.10 What is the amount of paddy seeds in 'SRI method'?

Ans. 5-8 kg/h

Q-11 Is paddy and rice same?

Ans. Rice is obtained by removing the husk of the paddy's upper layer.

Q-12 what is the meaning of paddy rice? or what is rice?

AnsRice is obtained from is a grain which is the staple food of most population.

Q-13 what is the difference between paddy and rice?
Ans. Rice is obtained by removing the husk of the paddy's upper layer.rice is a grain.

Q-14 Why is rice grown in paddy field?
Ans .because paddy is grown in paddy field and rice is obtained by removing the husk of paddy.

Rice Paddy  Crops Important points for All Agricultural Exams 

* The paddy is the main food of the population in the world.

90% Paddy of the world is generated in Asia

first position of china and second of India in the paddy production

* Paddy per hectare production first Korea and the second Japan.

* Number of Stamens in paddy is 3

* The paddy is a self-pollinated crop.

* The life circle of paddy crops is complete at the temperature of 21-31 ℃.

* Paddy is a short-day plant.

* Cultivation of paddy, the soil should be PH 6.5

* Suitable for paddy is smooth soil.

* paddy nursery in 500 sqm for a hectare transplanting.

*The paddy seed rate for the nursery is 40-45 Kg/h.

*The seeds in the Depong method are germinated in the 36-48 hours.

Fertilizer to use in paddy crops --

  • NPK Quantity 
  • (Deshi variety) 60-30-30
  • ( dwarf) 120-60-60

* The biological fertilizer is used in paddy. Ex - Azaula.

* The Azaula is a fern. 

* The blue-green algae is the troliprothiks which irrigate 20-30kg nitrogen per hectare.

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