Plant Pathology Disease and Its pathogens table

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Plant pathology disease

Plant disease and its pathogens

Types of plant pathogens and all types of disease are provided here.

Depending on whom the disease is caused, the disease is produced in four ways which

A. Fungus-Born Disease and Disease Factor

   Disease                     Pathogens   
1. Late blight            phytophthora
of potato                       infestans

2. Early blight               Alternaria
of potato                        solenie

3. Tikka disease          sarkospora
of peanut                      parsonata

4. Red rot of              Colletotrichum
sugarcane                     falcatum

5. Black Rust             Puccinia
of wheat                   graminicola tritici

5.1 brown or         Puccinia rubigovera
Orange rust

5.2 yellow rust        Puccinia Striformis

6. Loose smut            Ustilago segetum
of wheat                              tritici

7. Powdery mildew           Erysiphe
of wheat                              graminis

8. Rust of Cruciferae      Albugo  candida

9. Downy mildew             Sclarospora
of bajra                             graminicola

10. Downy mildew         Peronospora
of Cruciferae                        parasitica

11. Green ear                   Sclarospora  graminicola
 disease of bajra 
12. Broun leaf         helminthosporium
spot of rice                   Oryza

13. Damping of              pythium

14. Downy mildew       Peronospora
of pea                                   pisi

15. Strip disease         helmintho
of barley                   sporium graminea

16. Blast disease       pyriculariagraisea
of paddy

17. Wilt of arhar              Fusarium
                                      oxysporum fsp  udam

B. Bacterial Order Disease and Pathogens

Disease                            pathogens
1. Leaf blight                 Xanthomonas
if paddy                               oryzae

2. Citrus of                     Xanthomonas
     canker                    Compestris citri

3. Crown gol of                agrobacterium
apple,rose,tomato         tyumiphasians

4. Leaf spot                      Xanthomonas
of cotton                         malvaceayum

5. Potato,tomato             syudomonous
tobacco                              solenaceaum

C. Virus disease and pathogens

1. Mosaic disease                 Tobacco
of tobacco                        mosaic virus

2. Mosaic disease          Potato virus  X
of potato

3. Bunchy top               Banana virus  1
of banana

4. Mosaic disease             Cauliflower
of cauliflower                mosaic virus

5. Mosaic disease        Carrot red leaf
of carrot                                virus

D. Abiotic disease and factors

1.Dieback of lime                Copper   

2. Little leaf                          Copper
of lemon                             deficiency

3. Little leaf                    Zinc deficiency
of mango

4. Mars disease                 Manganese
of pea                                  deficiency

5. Khaira disease                  Zinc
of paddy                          deficiency

6. Wiptell in                  Molybdenum

7. Heart rot                Boron deficiency
in beet

8. Blackheart           Oxygen deficiency
rot of potato                  in storage

9. Browning in        Boron deficiency


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