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icar vegetable research center in india

 Vegetable Research Center in India|  Awards given to scientists by ICAR

Research Centers of India

1. Vegetable Farm Kalyanpur, District Kanpur (U.P)

2. Potato Research Farm, Farrukhabad (U.P.)

3. Potato Research Station, Kausambi, District Almora (U.P).

4. Horticultural Research Station, Saharanpur (U.P)

5. Potato Development Station, Shilaroo, District Mahasu (H.P.).

6. Potato Development Ahla District Chamba (H.P.).

7. Potato Research Station Kufri, Shimla (H.P.).

8. Tuber Crops Research Station, Jullundhar-Punjab.

9. Vegetable Research Station, Jullundhar-Punjab.

10. Vegetable Sub-Station, Katrain, Kullu Valley (H.P).

11. Bhupendra Agriculture Farm Rallni District Patiala-Punjab.

12. Bassca Research Station, Gurgaon, Haryana.

13. Agriculture Farm, Parala, District Mahasu (H.P).

14. Government Experiment Farm, Chhindwara (M.P).

15. Government Research Farm, Kuthalia P.O. Rewa (M.P.).

16. Government Seed & Demonstration Farm, Waraseoni District Balaghat (M.P.).

17. Government Seed-Cum Demonstration Farm., Kaliparda, Kararia, Bhopal (M.P.).

18. Horticultural Research Station, Panhmadi Dist. Hoshangabad (M.P.).

19. Plant Breeding & Vegetable Research Farm, Durgapura District Jaipur (Rajasthan).

20. Provincial Experimental Farm, Shalimar, Dist. Shrinagar (J.&K.).

21. Provincial Experimental Far, Golsamandar Dist. Jammu (J.&K).

22. Agriculture Research Station Lam. Dist. Guntoor (A.P).

23. Agriculture Research Laboratory, Jorhat. Dist. Sibsagar (Assam).

24. Agriculture Research Institute, Pusa, Dist. Darbhanga (Bihar).

25. Agriculture Research Institute, Patna (Bihar).

26. Agriculture Research Station, Karad Dist. North Satara (Maharashtra).

27. Agriculture Research Station Khopoli (Mumbai).

28. Agriculture Research Station Niphad, Dist. Nasik (Maharashtra).

29. Agriculture Collége Vegetable Farm, Poona (Maharashtra).

30. Agriculture Resçarch Station. Ambalavayal, Dist. Cannanore (Kerala).

31. Agriculture Research Station. 1aliparamba, Dist. Cannanore (Kerala).

32. Agriculture Research Station, Pattambi, Dist. Palghat (Kerala).

33. Agriculture Research Station, Aduturai, Dist. Tanjore (Tamil Nadu).

34. Agriculture Research Institute, Tollygani, Dist. 24-Parganas (West Bengal).

35. Agriculture station, Hansi, Dist. Hissar (Hariyana).

36. Agriculture research station, Sambalpur (Orissa).

37. College Orchard Farm, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).

38. Demonstration Agricultural Station, Araku Valley, Dist. Vishakhapatnam (A.P).

39. Govt. Main Agricultural Station, Himayatsagar, Dist. Hyderabad (A.P).

40. Govt. Model Orchard-Cum-Nursery, Giddalpur P0. Dist. Kurnool (A.P).

41. Govt. Fruit Farm, Ramapachodavaram, Dist. Rajmundry (A.P)

42. Ginger Research Station, Nayabunglow, Dist. Khasi Hills (Assam).

43. Govt. Agricultural Farm, Imphal: (Manipur).

44. Govt. Agricultural Farm, Maram R.S., Diamapur.

45. Govt. Agricultural Farm. Wangul R.S., Dimapur.

46. Govt. Agricultural Farm, Ponnampet (Mysore).

47. Govt. Fruit and Vegetable Fram, Sangareddy, Dist. Medak (A.P).

48. Horticultural Research Station, Krishanagar, Dist. Nadia (West Bengal).

49. Horticultural-Cum-Composite Research Station, Dergaon Dist. Sibsagar (Assam).

50. Khurda Farm, Khurda, Dist. Puri (Orissa).

51. Kujang Farm, Kujang, Dist. Cuttack (Orissa).

52. Pepper Research Station, Panniyur (Kerala).

53. Pomological & Vegetable Station, Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu).

54. Potato Breeding and Research Station, Patna (Bihar).

55. Potato Research Station, Bhanjag, Dist. Darjeeling.

56. Regional Farm, Yelavare P.O., Harnahatti, Dist. Ariskere Taluk (Karnataka).

57. State Research Station, Bhubaneshwar, Dist. Puri (Orissa).

58. Sukinda Farm, Sukinda, Dist. Cuttack (Orissa).

59. Tapioca and Allied Crops Research Station, Thiruvanthapuram (Kerala).

60. Tungabhadra Agricultural Research Station, Siruguppa, Dist. Bellary (Karnataka).

61. Turmeric Research Station, Gudayagiri, Dist. Boudh Phubani (Orissa).

(TOP) Vegetable Research center in India | Awards given to scientists by ICAR

Here is the list of ALL  Research Center in INDIA.

Awards given to scientists by ICAR

1. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Memorial Prizes (Biennially or two years).

2. Hariom Ashram Trust Awards (Annually).

3. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Puruskar (Annually).

4. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award.

5. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for outstanding Postgraduate Reseárch.

6. Khoti Puruskar (Annually).

7. KAR Awards for Tea Research (Biennially).

8. Dr. R.D. Asana Endowment Prize (Triennially).

9. Dr. P.B. Sarkar Endowment Prize (Triennially).

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