Spices production and related general knowledge questions

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largest production country and state related questionsand answers

Spice Production and Producing States(India)

Here is the list of top spices production states in India.
Spice Production

The top Producing States of spices

  1.  Saffron - Jammu Kashmir
  2.  Black Pepper - Kerala
  3.  Small cardamom - Kerala
  4.  Ginger - Meghalaya
  5.  Cumin - Rajasthan
  6.  Clove - Tamilnadu
  7.  Chilli - Andhra Pradesh
  8.  Turmeric - Andhra Pradesh
  9.  Coriander - Rajasthan
  10.  Garlic - Gujarat
  11.  Manthi - Rajasthan

General knowledge question about spices

  • India is called the house of issues and Kerala's garden of matter.
  •  India is the largest producer of goods, consumer and exporter country.
  •  India has a share of 10% of the world's spice trade.
  •  Four major masala producing countries (1) India (2) Bangladesh (3) Turkey (4) China.
  •  India produces 94% of black pepper and 60% of cardamom in Kerala.
  •  Rajasthan is the first place in the country to produce Menthi and fennel, Coriander.
  •  Andhra Pradesh has the highest area in terms of spice
  •   Crops are cultivated on
  •  King of spices is called black pepper and queen cardamom.
  •  Clove is the closure of an evergreen tree Syzygium aromatics.
  • Black pepper, cardamom, garlic, turmeric, lachi etc. are produced in India.
  • Black pepper and turmeric contribute 50% of the total exports of spices in the country.

    • Flower production in india

      Top 5 Open Flower Production States
       1. Tamil Nadu 2. Karnataka 3. Andhra Pradesh
      4. Punjab 5. Maharashtra

      • Top 2 detritus flower production states
      1. West Bengal
      2. Maharashtra

      • Most marigold flowers are produced in India.

      • The largest flower producing country in the world - Netherlands (Holland)

      Pulses production in India 

      • India ranks first in the world in the area production and consumer of pulses.

      • About 36% of the world pulses area and 25.1% is produced in India.

      • Pulses have an average yield 6.89 Q/h in India.

      • According to the World Health Organization, a person must use 104 grams of pulses on a daily basis to stay healthy.

      • Only 31.6g of pulses per person is available in India.

      Pulses production top country in the world -
      1. India 
      2. UK 
      3. Poland

      Top Pulses Production States 
      1. Madhya Pradesh 
      2. Maharashtra 
      3. Rajasthan 
      4. Uttar Pradesh

      Gram Top Producing States 
      1. Madhya Pradesh 
      2. Maharashtra 
      3. Andhra Pradesh

      Arhar producing top states 
      1. Maharashtra 
      2. Madhya Pradesh 
      3. Karnataka

      Lentil Producer Top States 
      1. Uttar Pradesh 
      2. Madhya Pradesh 
      3. Bihar

      Soybean Producer Top States 
      1 Madhya Pradesh 
      2 Maharashtra 
      3 Rajasthan

      • 64% of the total pulses production of the country is grown in the Ravi, 30% in the kharif, 6% in the zayed.

      • 84% of the total pulses production is in unirrigated areas and 16% in irrigated areas.

      • In the production of pulses, gram is the first place and the second tur is third.


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