10 mosty facts of Soybean you never knew about

These are important soybean(Glycine Max) related GK questions for all competitive exams.  Here, I am providing very useful soybean(Glycine Max)  related questions with answers for all competitive exams. Practice with these selective soybean(Glycine Max) related questions  for competitive exams.  

These questions are very important for any type of competitive examination. For more practice, you can also read these soybean(GlycinMax) related questionsand answers to score in your exam. 

The soybean(Glycine Max) is species fo the legume family. this is found the first time in southern Europeeconomically, soybean is the most important bean in the world, providing vegetable protein of people.


Why is soybean so important?

Soybean is a source of protein, and oils.more research is essential to know nutrition.

Important points of soybean for all Agriculture Exam

* Protein in Soybean is 40% and carbohydrate 30%.

Nimolik acid in Soybean is found 55%.

* Vitamin B1 is dead if heating soybean.

* In the soybean, is the amino acids called 5% licin.

* Neemolic acid in Soyeeben is found 55%

* The bacteria called Rabyobiam Zaponikam is found  in the soybean root

* The amount of protein in the soybean is increasing, then the amount of oil decreases and       the  amount of protein decreases, the amount of oil grows

* 60% of soybeans in the world produces the USA, whereas China takes 25% in second place

* The temperature of the temperature in the soybean has a direct effect that means 
    when increasing the temperature, oil is increased.

* 12-20 ℃ temperature is required for the germination of seeds

* Botanical name - Glycine Max
family - Febeceae or legyuminaceae
*  Chromosome - 40
* Origen place - Southern Europe

Q. What should the Climate for Soybean production?

Soybean requires moist and humid weather, its cultivation goes on during the winter season.

Q. What should the soil for Soybean production?

For soybean, loam or sandy loam variety and good drainage land is suitable, it is grown in almost all types of land.

Advanced varieties of soybean

Soybean should be grown for improved varieties like Alankar, Shilajit, Ankur, Punjab-1, Gaurav, Durah, pk-262,327,416, etc.

Q. What is the seed rate of Soybean? 

Use 70-75 kg/hectare soybean seed.

Q. What is the proper distance to soybean?

Soybean is sown at a distance of 60 * 30 cm. IndoColfon (35 EC) or Cunalphas (35 EC) Sprinkles 1.25 liters/hectares.

The average yield of soybean-

The soybean production is 15-20 quintal/hectare

Know more details about  NRC(National Research Center)  click here


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