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   These are important Potato related questions for all competitive exams.  Here, I am providing very useful Potato related questions with answers for all competitive exams.  Practice with these selective Potato related questions for competitive exams.  

Potato is a stem vegetable plant. if you want to know more about potato varieties, potatoes nutrition, potato scientific name, and Origen place then read this post.


potatoes nutrition

Important points of potato

Q. What is the Botanical name of potato?
Ans. Selenam Tuberosom 

Q. What is family  of potato?
Ans.  Solanaceae

Q. What is the Origen place of potago?
AnsSouth Southern   America (Mexico)

Q. What is the Chromosome number if potato?
Ans.   24

*Potato, when exposed to sunlight, collects a chemical called Solelein, due to which the potato becomes green.

* The amount of Solilin in the potato is 5 million milligrams / 100 grams of the gross control. If 20 milligram / 100 grams are not eating food.

*Potatoes are found in 2.1% protein and fat is found 0.3%.

*Dehalming in the potatoes do 15 days of excavation. In this, cuts 15 days before the excavation of potato, so that potatoes are fully interpreted.

Q. What should be Suitable climate for potatoes ?

* For the potato, the moist and the weather is essential for the weather.

Q. What should be Suitable soil for potatoes ?

The land of the flat battle of the two-sacrifice and the pot of good water exhaust is suitable for potatoes.

Advanced potato varieties

It is very important to have the advanced variety of potato, so that it has a good production, so its advanced kind of cupful explosive, cuffing decking, Kuffriar Jyoti, Kufri (Maur, Kundan, Kuber, Kumar, Kisan, Zhuh, Ashok, Chipsona 1), etc. should be made.

Q. What is the Seed rate of potato?

20-25 quintal/ hectare potato seed.

Q. What is the proper distance to potato?

  • potatoes transplant 60*20 cm away.

Major Disease of potato

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1.Early blight of potato

Early blight of potato fungi is Alternaria solenie.
painted-leaves, the black spots on the edge, which goes back to the black or brown, all the leaves fall out of which the crop is dry. For its controller, the 220-800 liter of 2.0 kg/hectare of the 250-800 liter of the 250-800 / hectare of the heater

2. Late blight of potato 
Late blight of potato Phytophthora infestans of fungus.

The lightweight black round rounds are made on potato leaves, which is the striking round structure of light prayers, which becomes black or brown, all the leaves fall down, which crops the drops.

For its controller, the 220-800 liter of 2.0 kg/hectare of the 250-800 liter of the hectare.

3. Mozaic of potato
Potato plants are likely to be small and leaves like yellow-spotted spots, which should be overtime for the patient plants and the mi 1. Cutworm--  xture of 1.25 liters of 6-10 grams of the IndoSolfan (35 EC).

Insects of potato and management

1. Cutworm
It is to cut of the potato so that the crop is damaged in huge amounts, for this time, Thymic (10G) 8-10 kg or carbofuran (3G) should be at the time of 30 kg/hectare sowing.

Or sprinkle the cloropyrifass (20E.C) 2 liters / hectare1000-1500 liters of water.

2. Muff or Fid
Indosalphon(35 EC) 1.5 liters/hectare spraying in vertical crop

Chemical control of weed

*Germination of the semizine / basin / Laso for the weed control from the germination (0.5 kg/hectare) dropping water in 1000 liters

* After 20 days sowing spraying of paraquat/ graimokson (0.5kg)

Yield of potato

The yield of potato 200-300 quintal/hectare.

Know About Potatoes nutrition

* water in potato- 74.7%

* 22.6%carbohydrate found of potato

* Protein in potatoes 2.1%, fat is 0.3%.

*Potatoes do not become a lot of 30℃ in potatoes.

* Toochuria is used to break the potatoes dormancy.

*Potato's sowing is 30 Oct to 10 NOV.

*soil of potato should be pH 6-7.


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