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What is the maize crop? history of maize

Maize also called corn in some country. Maize is a member of the Poaceae family. Maize is directly eaten by human.maize is a cereal grain. It was first grown by Mexico about 10,000 years ago. Maize scientific name/botanical name is Zea mays.


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Why is Corn called maize?

Ans.  "Indian corn", is called by the settlers. which soon got a short name to just "corn".

What is the best time of plant maize?

 Maize is sown in the first fortnight of June. Maize cultivation requires moist and humid weather. 20-30 ℃ temperature is suitable for its germination.  60-70% of humidity is appropriate.

What is the best fertilizer for maize?

Maize plant needs nutrients for growth and the best production. nitrogen nutrient is necessary to promote leaf growth. nitrogen fertilizer is used the most for the best role of growth, quality, and production of maize crops. fertilizer phosphorus and potash use with Nitrogen for best production. N: P: K  quantity use some this type ratio- 120: 60: 50

 Which type of Soil  need for maize cultivation?

 Maize is cultivated in almost all types of soil, but fertile loam and good drainage land are suitable for taking good yield of maize.

 *Botanical Name - Zia Mays
 *Family -Gramini (Poaceae)
 *Chromosome number- 10
 *Origin Place - Central America and Mexico
 * Protein called Zein is found in maize.
10% protein is found in maize grains.

 Advanced Varieties of maize

 For the cultivation of maize, it is very important to have advanced varieties so that good production can be done, so its advanced varieties

 (i) Hybrid variety 

Ganga white-2, Ganga-5,7, Sartaj, Val-42,45, Himalaya - 123

 (ii) Cluster variety

Tarun, Naveen, Kanchan, Shweta, Vijay, Shakti, Vikram, Sona,Lakshmi, Pratap.

 (iii) Indigenous 

Meerut Yellow, Jaunpuri White, Type-41

What is Seed rate for maize cultivation?

   Seeds of 20-25 kg/ha for the sowing of maize.

What is the distance of maize sowing?

Transplanting of maize is done at a distance of 60 * 30 cm.

 Major disease of maize

1. Stem rot disease

 It is a soil-borne disease, for its control, it should be treated with Bavistin (0.1%) before sowing seeds and sowing certified seeds.

 For control use Resistant species-

 Himalayan-128, Ganga-5, Pratap-1, etc. should be sown Malayan-128, Ganga-5, Pratap-1, etc. should be sown.

 2. Rust disease

 Resistant species should be sown such as Pratap-1, Deccan, etc.

3. Powdery mildew disease

In this, fungi like cotton swabs are found on the lower surface of the field. Variety resistant to this should be sown Pratap-1, Himalayan-123, Ganga-5, etc.

4. Leaf Blight -

 For this, resistant varieties should be grown such as B L Maize-54, Agethi-76, Deccan, Ganga-5, etc.

 Insect of maize and management

 Stem borer 

its inhibitory variety should be grown
 Or Kunulfas (25 EC) 2 liters/hectare
 Or Indosulfan (35 EC) should be sprayed 1.5 liters/hectare.

Weed control by chemical
 * After sowing for weeding control, one should use  simazine /tafacine /atrazine /lasso /alachlor before germination and spraying in 600-800 liters of water at the rate of 1.5 kg/ha.

 Paraquat/gramoxan should be mixed with 0.5 liters of 1000 liters of water and sprayed for weed control in standing crops.

 The yield of maize

 Grain - 30-40 quintals (hybrids and Cluster ) and 20-25 quintals (deshi)


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