(Top 39)General knowledge question(agronomy)

In this post, you will know about agronomy related general knowledge like nip, pegging, arrowing sugarcanepropping, blind hoeing, etc.
And the list of some important revolutions like blue, white revolutions related to agriculture has also been given.

general knowledge question

Agronomy related general knowledge questions 

  • Nipping-- when the 15-20cm height of the gram break the top branch is called nipping.

  • Pegging -- Overy growing in peanut in the soil increase of peanut is known as pegging.

  • Arrowing--- Commencement of flowers in sugarcane is known as arrowing.

  • Sun curring of tobacco--Before the curing plants on the poles and drying 3-4 days in a lot of plants.

  • Propping -- Many tanks together are concluded with their sugarcane leaves.

  • Blind-hoeing---  To control the germination in the sugarcane and controlling the grass before the germination, weeding-hoeing in the sugarcane field.

  • Sugarcane--- Whole of the part of the plant is known as sugarcane.

  • Can sugar-- Sugar(sucrose) is found in sugarcane, is called Can Sugar.

  • Potato seed--Tuber(potato) purpose as eating, is called potato seed.

  • Seed potato--- Potato(tuber) purpose as sowing, is called Seed potato.

  • Sami arid zone - The area where the annual rainfall is around 500 to 700 mm.

  • Ecosystem- The mutual supportability of organisms to survive in the physical environment is called an ecosystem.

  • Biofertilizer- The species of microorganisms that have the ability to store nitrogen in the atmosphere is called biofertilizer.

  • Indicator plant- A plant that exhibits any nutrient deficiency in the soil.

  • Social forestry- Such a method of forestry in which farmers get fuel, fodder, fruits, etc.

  • Long day plant - Those plants require a long light period for flowering like wheat, barley.

  • Dryland farming- cultivating drought-resistant, short duration and high yielding varieties as well as adopting suitable methods of soil and water management. This includes water harvesting.

  • Intercropping- The process of growing two or more crops in queues is called intercropping.

  •  A 2% solution of urea is used for spraying the crop.
  • The urea should contain 0.5–0.8% by-bye urate content or a maximum of 1%. In excess of this, crops start burning.

  • Hyphophytes are plants that grow in saline water.

  • Depog method is most commonly used in Andhra Pradesh (in India).

  • There is a deficiency of amino acid called Lysocine in grain crops.

  • Norien-10-- This is a gene found in wheat that causes wheat plant dwarf.

  • Dee Gee - This is a gene found in paddy, from which an anti-disease variety is prepared.

  • Opak-2 --- This is a gene found in maize.

  • Tiphton- It is a gene found in millet.

  • Drip irrigation -- This method was used in Israel, it is used in areas where there is a shortage of water. In this method, water is dripped into the root of the plants as a drop.

  • Sprinkler irrigation --- It is mostly used in sloping areas where soil erosion is high, water pressure in the drain is 15 cubs / squ.

  • Duty of water -- The number of hectares of crops that are prepared in an area irrigated by continuously flowing water for a given period of time at a speed of one cubic meter per second (cumec) is called hydropower or water potential.

  • Water requirement of crops-- The unit load except for a load of roots in plants, the unit load of water required for the production of dry matter is called water demand.


Here is the list of some agricultural revolutions like green, white, silver, blue revolution, etc.

Silver revolution is related to egg production.

Golden revolution is related to apple production.

Gray revolution is related to fertilizer production.

Red revolution is related to the tomato, meat production.

Round revolution is related to potato production.

Yellow revolution is related to oilseed production.

White revolution is related to milk production.

Pink revolution is related to shrimp production.

Blue revolution is related to fish production.


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