Everything You Need To Know About Cauliflower

These are important Cauliflower related questions for all competitive exams.  Here, I am providing very useful Cauliflower related questions with answers for all competitive exams.  

Cauliflower related questions and answers

Q. What are the benefits of eating cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable plant. It is found in vitamin B(10%), vitamin C (80%), protein (3%), and fiber. it is reproduced by seed. it enhances weight loss and digestion.

Q. Which type of cauliflower plant?

Cauliflower plant is a good vegetable. it is reproduced by seed and it is an annual plant.

Important points of cauliflower 

  * Botanical name - Bracesa Olerasia       
  *  Family - Brassica/Crusiferi
  * Chromosome - 18
  * Origen place -  Southern Europe
   * In India, Caul Jamison was brought in 1822 
   * it nursery 20-25 ℃ temperature for it.

Q. What should be the climate for cauliflower?

The moist and oxy for the cauliflower is essential for its seasonal season.

Q. What should be the soil for cauliflower?

For the cauliflower, the two or the dormitory of the dam and the diet of the good water exhaust.

Advanced varieties of cauliflower

Advanced variety for cauliflowers like Pusus Deepali, Pusha Karaki, Agrovi Muwari, White Snowball, Early Market, Hissar 1, Pusa High Hybrid-2, etc. Should.

Q. What is the seed rate of cauliflower?

The cultivation of the cauliflower should prepare for which the seeds per hectare for 500 to 800 grams of agency and 300 to 400 grams of the hectare are suitable for.

Q. What is the proper distance to cauliflower?

The transport of cauliflower does 60 * 30 cm away.

Q. What amount of fertilizer does cauliflower require?

N:P:K ratio - 100:60:100

The disease of cauliflower

1. Wilt disease of cauliflower

This disease seems to be nursery treatment from the Seamus, Capt, Elalp, etc. before the seeds of the seeds for its prevention.

2. Viptel disease(whiptail disease)

leaves become lace-shaped due to deficiency of molybdenum nutrient. to prevent this, 1.0-2.0 kg of sodium molybdate. spraying of volume or 0.01-0.05% should be done.
This is a lack of molybdenum.

3. Buttoning  disease

This is usually due to nitrogen deficiency, root injury, the cooler temperature, or planting of very old age. plants have button-shaped flowers.

4. Peking disease

This is the pipe of the pubs of the pink color which is due to high temperature.

5. leafyness - this is due to high temperature.

6.Browing or brown rot  -  

This disorder occurs due to the boron element. to prevent this, 1 kg boric acid/hector or spraying 0.1-0.3% bored or 10-15 kg borax/hector should be used

The yield of cauliflower

100-125 Quintal of cauliflower
20-22 thousand flowers
(5-6) Quintal seed

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