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pea disease and their plant

Important points of Green pea

 Q. What is the botanical Name of pea ?
Ans. Payasam Sativam

 Q. What is the Family of pea?

Ans.  Fabaceae

 Q. What is the Chromosom number of pea?

Ans. 14

 Q. Where is the Origin place of pea?

Ans. Ethiopia or West India

 Q. What kind of climate is suitable for pea cultivation?
 Ans. The cultivation of peas requires moist and humid weather so that it is cultivated during the Rabi season.

 Q. Which soil is suitable for pea cultivation?

 Ans. Pea cultivation can be varied in all types of land but for good production, loam or sandy loam variety and good drainage land is suitable.

Important Advanced Varieties of Green pea

(Table pea variety)
This is European early variety. The mysteries are sweet. 55-65 days of sowing after the beans become breaking.

 this variety is brought from America. Beans become breaking the 80-85 days after the sowing. The overall yield is 130-140 quintal/hectare.

Jawahar Matar 

its legumes become breaking up after 65-75 days of sowing. This is the medium-term variety. The length of the lapses are 7-8 cm and 5-8 grain in each pod. The yield of the average beans is 85-90 quintal/hectare.

Variety of field pea

Rachana (162 × T. 10)

This variety has been developed by Chandra Shekhar Azad Agriculture and Pradhanics, Kanpur. This variety is resistant to the powdery mildew. It gets ready after 120-130 days. Average yield 25-30 quintal/hectare.

Swarn Rekha

This variety has been develop by selection in Bihar. It is ready after showing 120 days. its grain has round, smooth and creamy color. The grain is 15-20 quintal and beans 100-120 quintal/hectare.

Disease of pea and its casual agent and control

1. Powdery mildew disease pea

This disease occurs from the fungus called Erysiphe Polygon. This disease seems to most in the moist weather. 3-kilogram soluble sulfuric salters for its control: Illusus or sulvesx sprinkle in 1000 liters of water/hectare.

2. Rust of pea

This disease seems to be from the fungus called Uromyces Fabae. To prevent the pathogenic variety should be grown. For its prevention, spray the 2.5 kilograms of Dythen M-45 or Dythen Z-78 to 1000 liters of water/hectare.

Q. What is the Seed rate of pea?

Ans. For pea cultivation, 80 to 100 kg of seeds per hectare are kept.

Q. What is the proper distance for transplanting of peas?

 Ans. For a good yield of peas, the distance from seed to seed is 30 * 5 cm.

 Q. What is ratio of Compost for pea?

 Ans. N: P: K ratio for pea - 20: 50: 20.

Insects of pea and its management

 1. Fruit borer 

For control use Indosulfan (35 EC) 1.25 liters / hectare or  phosphomidan (85 EC)
 Spray 400 ml / ha.

 Q. What is the yield of peas?

Ans yiekd of Pod 80-120 quintal / hectare
And Grain 15-20 q / ha

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